• October 15, 2013First Six Weeks in Review

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    We’re already 6 weeks into the 2013 NFL football season, and we’ve had a great year so far. Peyton Manning is playing the best football of his life, with his Broncos becoming an unstoppable offensive juggernaut. Tampa Bay’s Buccaneers must have looted some cursed treasure, because their luck has been just about as bad as can be. Eli Manning might not finish the season a starter, as the Giants have lost 6 straight. Who could have imagined half of these storylines?

    How have the first six weeks treated Football Heaven, you ask? Great! We’re well on our way to our biggest year ever. Our new Monday Night Football Program has been a huge hit. Our customers have really enjoyed the 10% discount their team earns after a MNF victory. Every week we’re scrambling to keep up with your demand. We’ve recently restocked on hot-selling NFL Jerseys, hats, accessories, even lawn gnomes!

    So if you’re in the Richmond area, there’s no better place to gear up then Football Heaven at the Chesterfield Towne Center in Midlothian.

    Questions? Call us at (804-897-5355) or contact us online!

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